Sunday, August 28, 2011


Baby Owen, 4 days old.

I love my new prop - thanks, Mom!

Taken 8/26

Laundry day?

Yikes. Can you tell it was time to do the wash?

Orange shirt, red and blue plaid shorts, DIFFERENT blue plaid hat.

W didn't seem to mind.

Taken 8/25

Just peachy

These juicy guys, purchased at the farmer's market in town, didn't last long. They were gooood.

Taken 8/24

A new trick

W is a skinny little guy who doesn't usually eat a lot of grains and carbs. He'd consume all fruit if I let him, so it was a big victory when we discovered that using cookie cutters (the morning pictured here it was stars) to make shaped toast, he gobbles it up.


Taken 8/23

More playtime

Loving his big red barn!

Taken 8/22


Taken Sunday, 8/21

Strawberry Salsa

This is a big hit in our house (primarily with me... I love it and could eat the whole thing!)

Strawberry salsa, so good in the Summer time.

Taken Saturday 8/20

Book Worm

Little Man loves the library. Here he is playing "peek" after our weekly Friday morning visit.

Taken 8/19

Can't show you!


Took a lot of photos on 8/18 for William's birthday invitation, but don't want to ruin the surprise for the recipients :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


W was triumphant in blowing bubbles tonight for the first time ever. I'd say one in every 20 attempts resulted in a few little bubbles bursting out, but he was SO proud and having so much fun. He's really in an "I do!" "Me too!" phase all of a sudden.

I love this one.

Taken Wednesday, 8/17

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here we go.

Law School.

Three years of our lives.

Today was the first day.

As I post this, Esch is upstairs reading his first (several... long...) assignments.

This is what the next thousand or so days will be like. We are proud of you! Go, Daddy!

About that bottle...

We really, really need to wean W from his bottle. He drinks from a sippy cup for his juice and water, but will NOT use anything but his beloved "Bottle-ba" for his milk.

Now you see why we can't bring ourselves to go cold turkey. This is one of the only times he's like a little baby any more. It is the best. We have been known to argue over who gets to hold him for bottle time. (Obviously he can also sit by himself and drink it, but it's so much more rewarding to get the snuggles in.)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Sister

Had a newborn session today, but to change things up, how about a proud big sister for the 365 blog? And yes, I know you're thinking it. THAT HAIR! She was adorable.

Taken 8/14


Taken 8/13

Brown Town

Just couldn't pass up a shot of Georgia in one of her favorite lounging spots in the new house. No joke, it's several days later, and she is in the same place as I'm posting this.

Taken 8/12


While taking picture of William's new room (his chosen theme: firetrucks), I asked him to sit on his big boy bed. He climbed up, said "night-night?" and squeezed his eyes shut.

Silly boy.


One of those nights that all I've got to offer is a quick snapshot. This time, candelit peanut butter cookies, about to be taken into the living room for movie time.


Cake Smash!

Hard to choose a photo for today - had a fun first birthday cake smash session AND a beautiful little newborn.

Taken 8/9

Big boy room

I really need to get my act together and take some photos of William's new room - here he is the day we hung his new curtains, enjoying the view.

Taken 8/8


We took W to a free local concert that was described as "Oldies from The Twist to Elvis" - sounded good to us.

The lead singer took his job VERY seriously - a 70ish year old guy with dyed black hair and sideburns. William was a little concerned with this man at first, but had a great time. He was singing and asking for "More?" during the breaks between songs.

Taken 8/7

Daddy and Me

My boys, hanging out on their new front porch.

Taken 8/6

Friday, August 5, 2011

Where's William?

Somebody loves his new toy cabinet.

Taken Friday, August 5th

Happy 4th Anniversary!

We spent the day painting and working but were SO lucky to have our good friend Liz babysit William while we went out to a nice dinner!

Here's a before shot of the upstairs bathroom. Actually, it's more a halfway shot - that's a new sink and faucet. Check out all those layers of paint!

When we moved in the walls were mustard yellow and the trim was green. Lovely. It's now fresh and white. I'll share the "afters" when we're all done with the house.

Handy Man

Esch is the best - he can do everything! He built the deck of our house in Austin, and he always installs everything himself - down to the curtain rods in his little boy's new room.

Just a shot to document what we were doing these first few days in the new house.

There is a similar picture of the first apartment we lived in when we were married. Makes me happy to compare the two. Newlyweds setting up their master bedroom, to one day from their 4th anniversary working on their toddler's room :)


Playing with Daddy in the morning before more work started on the house.

So glad he's still got those baby cheeks. I could kiss 'em all day long.

The Day After

There was not much that was photo-worthy in our house the day after moving day. William was at my parents' so we could work, and the house was an absolute bomb of boxes, bubble wrap, tape, mattresses... lovely.

I liked these happy little tomatoes on our happy vintage red countertops in the morning.

Sad, sad, sad

We already have our second missed day :(

Granted, it was moving day, and between packing, watching William, driving 2 hours to our new place, UNpacking... I actually did think of taking a photo but couldn't find my camera bag.