Thursday, October 27, 2011

Party girl

Had a fun first birthday cake smash session on Sunday with pretty baby Lilly.

Looking back, I wish we had used my pink backdrop for the cake portion, but I still like the fun series we got.

Taken Sunday, 10/23

Picture Perfect

Had TEN sessions this weekend (most were "mini" half hour sessions, but still, it was total craziness!).

Way too many to choose from, but I loved this beautiful family's cute outfits.

Taken Saturday 10/22

Double the fun!

Taken Friday, 10/21

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't worry...

Despite the looks of things, there is not a serial killer in our house.

It's just Esch, carving the pumpkin. (Yes, the drill was involved)

Taken 10/20

Super eater

Photographic proof, to remind myself on days when he's battling every little thing, that this little toddler is a really healthy eater.

Cucumbers, red peppers and "dipping fries" (baked potato strips) at lunch time.

Side note: yes, that's a birthday bib. We are VERY interested in birthdays lately. About 3 weeks to go until the big 2!

Raccoon alert!

Psssst, Dad, there's a little varmint on your shoulder!

Off to watch the Halloween Parade.

Taken Monday, 10/17

Monday, October 17, 2011

So proud

Another family session on Sunday - this little guy turned 1 last month and was showing off his new walking skills. He was just beaming while walking around with his Daddy.

Taken 10/16

Loving Mommy

Had a family session on Saturday morning (Mom, Dad, 4 year old daughter, and twin 8 month old boys). There are some really, really cute shots of everyone together, but in an in-between moment, I liked this snap of Mommy and her boys.

Taken 10/15

Puddle Jumper

It poured all day, but in the late afternoon the sun came out, so we took William's new fireman boots (thanks, Nanna!) out for a test drive. He was SO proud of them, and had a blast splashing up and down the block.

Taken 10/14

Movie Night!

William and I were both sick, and for the first time ever, we let him watch a movie. It was great - he chose it (an animated one about a parrot - it was called Rio) and he liked it even more than we could have hoped. He was thrilled and giggling. We cuddled on the couch and ate pizza.

Yes, I'm nuts

This was taken half as joke... but not really, because I like these so much it's not funny.

Go, Uncle D!

We went to watch my brother David's soccer team play vs. Penn State Harrisburg. It was fun to shoot something different, even though it was tough without a zoom lens. "Uncle D" scored a goal!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Best weekend ever?

The day before, William rode a tractor, went on a hayride, AND rode a horse for the first time.

This Sunday, we took him to an open house at the Boalsburg Fire Company, and he got to shoot a REAL hose (as well as ride on a firetruck)!

Taken 10/9
(23 months old!)


A very exciting diversion after we went for a hayride at a pumpkin farm this past weekend. Looks like we are still on target with having his birthday party as a tractor theme!

Taken 10/8

In training

Someone is doing a great job!

Taken 10/7


I also posted this on William's baby blog, but I love it too much not to share again.

My beautiful little guy, almost 23 months old, looking smart in his suit.

Taken 10/6

Aw, come on!

Loved this one from a family session... Baby Kaitlyn (just turned one) looks like she is already embarrassed by her Mom and Dad's kisses. So cute.

Taken 10/5


Gula gave William his first Playdoh set, and he is in love.

Taken 10/4

Mr. Personality

Taken 10/3

Big Brother

Had a fun maternity session with a sweet family expecting a little girl in a few weeks. The soon-to-be brother had just turned 2. He was adorable!

Taken 10/2

Oh dear

A boring post. Only photos taken on this day were for work.

Taken 9/30