Friday, July 29, 2011

Moving on

My little packing assistant.

Tonight's our last night here... on to the next phase of our lives tomorrow!

Taken Friday, 7/29

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Taking the next train out of town...

We took a family walk tonight - I wanted to shoot at the cute little train station in our town to get a shot of William with the Macungie sign since we're moving in 2 days. Just a little reminder of the town, since he won't remember it.

It rained on us but we still took a few - I took some of Esch and W in this same spot, and then checked the settings and handed it over - he nailed it! Nice job, Daddy :) Tricky light and conditions, too.

Taken (by Esch) Thursday 7/28


There are no words.

Taken Wednesday, 7/28

A Natural

It was hard to choose a shot to use from this (rescheduled) session. The whole family was beautiful, but this little lady (turning 3 this week, and about to be a big sister any day) was striking a pose all by herself that was too cute not to capture. She had been running around and when her parents called her, she turned around and gave us this:

Taken Tuesday, 7/26

Cheating again

Another busy day of packing in which I didn't get my camera out until the evening, and snuck out on the porch to snap something just because. KIND of not my fault - I had a session scheduled that evening, and was going to use something from that, but we cancelled it due to rain.

I'll call this rain pipe/water spout shot an homage to William's favorite song of late - he LOVES doing the motions when I sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Taken Monday, 7/25

It may be a weed...

But it's a weed in the garden of our new house!


Taken Sunday, 7/24

It finally happened

I missed a day. It was Saturday the 23rd. I didn't even get my camera out. We were driving home from Canada, it was 100 degrees, and by the time we got back to my parents' house we were all exhausted.

I'm a little sad, but hey, I made it over 7 months in a row. If that was my only missed day, I can live with it.

I'm sure I took a phone photo or two of William in the car, so we'll count it as a 1/2 day. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Taid's good old fishing boat. Many a childhood memory on this guy.

Taken Friday, 7/22


To change it up (I know not EVERYONE wants to see photos of William every day - tee hee), a spiderweb in the morning light. Darn those beach towels drying on the porch railing in the background.

Taken Thursday, 7/21

Changing of the Guard

We went into Ottawa (the capital of Canada for the geographically-challenged) for a morning and spent some time on Parliament Hill. W liked the Mounties (or are they soldliers? Hmm.) in their red coats and big beefeater hats.

Uncle D

William was so lucky to spend 5 days in Canada at his great-grandparents' lake house last week.

Here he is with Uncle David, whom he fondly calls "D," enjoying his first time feeding the fishies.

Cover the Earth

I have always thought that Sherwin-Williams' slogan "Cover the Earth" must make environmentalists shudder (even the logo is literally a paint can being dumped on the globe.... yikes).

I feel like we have now used enough paint to contribute to their evil plan. We (Esch, his wonderful parents, and myself) have put many weekends and lots of blood, sweat and tears into painting our new house. The entire thing. Every ceiling, wall, and lots and lots of trim.

It looks great and I couldn't resist a snapshot of the supplies before I started on the master bedroom last Sunday. (By the way, every surface you can see in this is now a different color. The walls are a nice light airy blue, the floorboards are a fresh new white, and the floor - yes, the FLOOR was painted! is now an almond as opposed to yucky green.)

Taken Sunday, 7/17

Home sweet home

Georgia LOVES her new back yard. Here she is, last Saturday as we spent the day painting the new house.

Taken Saturday, July 16

Friday, July 15, 2011

What a difference 2 years makes

Michele and Kevin had their wedding portraits taken at this same location almost 2 years ago.

They're due in 6 weeks with their first baby, a little girl.

Taken Thursday, 7/14

Double the cuteness

Couldn't decide on one picture for today - had two sessions. One newborn and one 1-year-old, and both are adorable little girls.

June just turned one and I loved this one (top) of her, so happy with her Mommy.

Earlier that day, Baby Scarlett was not loving our attempts at this pose, but the result is still cute. A "real life" newborn shoot outtake = 2 week old do not necessarily just sleep all day long! :)

Both taken Wednesday, 7/13

Out of order

Oops! Posted Tuesday's shot before Monday's.

This was from a 6 month old session. It was absolutely sweltering out (at 6:30 p.m. it was in the 90s!) and she was SO happy. Lucky me!

Taken Monday, 7/11

The next best thing

Another unedited William "Mom shot..."

Lately he's been VERY into his pretend ice cream cone, and brings it out of his play kitchen at least 5 times a day.

Looks like it's time for us to let him try the real version.

Taken Tuesday, 7/12

Just a little William

There haven't been as many snapshots of my little guy recently, we've been so busy with our upcoming move and 101 other things.

What a face. That's how I feel about packing and painting, too, buddy.

Taken Sunday, 7/10

Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday Girl

Saturday was a busy day - shot a first birthday party in Collegeville, and then drove back to the Lehigh Valley for a first birthday portrait session in the evening. This little lady was so beautiful and full of smiles. It was nice to not have to work so hard for those cute baby grins.

Taken Saturday, 7/9

Foiled plans

Taken Friday, 7/8

Friday we'd be planning to go to the pool in the evening when Esch got home from work. It'd been so hot and muggy all week, and it sounded like fun to take W for an evening dip.

Of course starting at about 3:00 we had torrential downpours and flash flooding, thunder and lightning. Oh well.

For lack of anything else to shoot that day, I snapped this after the rain stopped.

It's completely SOOC - not even cropped. I love the purple flower bokeh in the bottom left-hand corner.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh, that hair

I keep saying that "tomorrow we're going to get your hair cut" but CANNOT bring myself to do it. W has little tufts over his ears, crazy different-length curls on top, and a slight mullet in the back. But look at him. My little baby. I took this, planning to take him for a trim the next day, but didn't!

Taken Thursday, July 7

Hot out of the oven

The bubbly cheese looked so good... too bad I left the ISO setting at 1600 from a shot of William sleeping in his dark room, so it's very grainy.

Taken (and eaten!) Wednesday, 7/6

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tiger Lily

Isn't it funny the things you remember from being little? The house we lived in when I was 4 or 5 had Tiger Lilies along the driveway. At least, that's the memory I have. I'm not even sure if that's what they're really called.

Took this tonight while waiting at a park for a client to arrive. Such a summery flower.

Taken Tuesday, 7/5
(and I'm officially caught up! I've been taking photos every day but after being at the beach for a week and then gone again this weekend, I was behind in posting. More than halfway through the year!)

Man's best friend

This is my parents' dog, Tyson. I picked him out with my Mom at the SPCA in 2000 when I was in my Junior year of high school. He was such a sweet boy - a pouncing, pawing, kissing puppy. And he still is! Love you, Tyson.

Taken Monday, July 4
Happy Independence Day!


W's first experience with sparklers was so much fun! We had a nice family barbeque and played afterwards on Sunday. Saving the pictures of the little guy for family to see first :)

Taken Sunday, July 3

80 Candles

Saturday was a really, really special day; it was my Grandfather's ("Taid") 80th birthday. Our family celebrated with a party at Bedford Springs (check it out, really amazing place!) and William helped the birthday boy blow out his candles.

Taken Saturday, 7/2


Had a newborn session for little Mason on Friday. Loved his little toes peeking up out of the bassinet next to his parents' bed. Makes me miss that stage!

Haven't edited this one yet... actually might leave it as-is.

Taken Friday 7/1


I almost censored this with a black box!

This little rascal came flying out of the bathroom while Daddy was filling up the tub and ran a few laps around the living room. What a silly guy. He was very proud of himself.

Taken Thursday, 6/30

Summer Days

Taken Wednesday, 6/29

One of W's favorite parts of the playground... and would you like to know a secret? The top he's wearing is pajamas... it's ok to be seen in your PJs in public when you're under 2 year old, right?