Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cover the Earth

I have always thought that Sherwin-Williams' slogan "Cover the Earth" must make environmentalists shudder (even the logo is literally a paint can being dumped on the globe.... yikes).

I feel like we have now used enough paint to contribute to their evil plan. We (Esch, his wonderful parents, and myself) have put many weekends and lots of blood, sweat and tears into painting our new house. The entire thing. Every ceiling, wall, and lots and lots of trim.

It looks great and I couldn't resist a snapshot of the supplies before I started on the master bedroom last Sunday. (By the way, every surface you can see in this is now a different color. The walls are a nice light airy blue, the floorboards are a fresh new white, and the floor - yes, the FLOOR was painted! is now an almond as opposed to yucky green.)

Taken Sunday, 7/17

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