Thursday, September 29, 2011


Got 2 new seamless (backdrop) colors. Haven't tried the pink yet, but here is the very first test shot with the blue. I like it. It's happy!

Taken Thursday, 9/29

Another washout

We went to the pumpkin patch today, but it was pouring when we got there and they cancelled our hay ride.

We'll be going back for the reschedule, but it did stop raining for a few minutes, so of course I tortured W for a bit.

Doesn't he look thrilled?

Taken Wednesday, 9/28

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rain, rain, go away

I couldn't pick just one. Little Man was reading contentedly in his room this morning, and every few minutes would stand up on his tiptoes to look out the window, and check to see if it was still raining.

Taken Tuesday, 9/27

On a photography-related note, I've forced myself to start shooting RAW files even when just taking snapshots of William. I think I'm hooked.

For Mom!

Something pretty for my Mom's birthday! I love you!

Taken Monday, 9/26

Monday, September 26, 2011

Well, it's Fall

Went to a nearby park to check it out for an upcoming session, and took my little assistant along. He loved running along the paths, peeking carefully over the water's edge at the fish, laughing at the ducks.

Taken Sunday, 9/25
I can't believe that the leaves are starting (slowly) to change already.

Happy birthday to me!

We had family photos taken on my birthday this Saturday, but I'm not sharing them anywhere as they will be used for our Christmas cards.

Later in the morning we took a family stroll downtown to a little arts festival. William had a ball riding in his wagon, and even got a BALLOON (happiest of all happy childhood items)! He was thrilled with it.

Taken Saturday, 9/24


William loves music. He pronounces it more like the German city of "Munich" - which makes it that much cuter.

On Friday afternoon we went to Daddy's law school where some of the students were having a little fundraiser/music happy hour.

Just something fun and different to shoot. I didn't take my flash, didn't want to bug people. It was dark in there, these could have been cool if I'd had some more light. Oh well!

W loved it.

Taken Friday, 9/23


One of those boring posts - a day in which I didn't pick up the camera until dinner time.

Tried something new for dinner. William can't eat normal meatballs since they have eggs in them, so we had "porcupines" which somehow stay together and taste pretty darn good with a strange in gredient - uncooked rice.

They were a hit.

Taken Thursday, 9/22

Sticker shock

Yep, you're reading that correctly. William's peanut-butter substitute (he is severely allergic), made from sunflower seeds, is a little expensive. This isn't a big jar, either. It's the standard small size. Yikes.

Taken Wednesday, 9/21

Proudest moment

He asks to blow bubbles every day.

Taken Tuesday, September 20

Monday, September 19, 2011

"Miss Daddy!" "Show Daddy!"

Poor Daddy. He is in his first month of his first year of law school. He's working so hard, and has his first practice exams this week.

William's talking more and more - several word sentences, and this week he started to suddenly tell me during the day, "Miss Daddy. Daddy, school? Daddy back soon?" They are the very best of friends. I hadn't picked up my camera today, so when Dad came home for dinner tonight I just grabbed this one. W excitedly chatting away, filling his hero in on the happenings of the day.

Love at first sight

Had a great newborn session this weekend. Baby John was 6 days old.

Taken Sunday, 9/18


More often than not I end up liking little snapshots more than the planned, thought-about "shoots" with William. It makes sense that I get the best expressions and real moments when he's just being himself.

He is my favorite.

Taken Saturday, 9/17

Happy Days

Friday was just one of those great, great days. Beautiful fall sun, a trip to an alpaca farm with the playgroup. My little farmer was beaming the whole morning, and I couldn't bear to go home when it was so nice out. We made a pit-stop at a nice park near our house that always has hundreds of ducks. We were the only ones there, and it was one of those things that I think will always stay in my Mommy-memory. William was thrilled, running around, chasing the ducks, throwing his little head back and laughing at their quacks, pointing, and just being a boy.

Taken Friday, 9/16

Thursday, September 15, 2011


We made Rice Krispie Treats today, and someone was very proud of the final product. (Note the odd shape - William got to do the patting down/forming step. He was quite pleased with the result.)

Taken Thursday, 9/15
(when did we get halfway through September?!)


Had to wake W from his nap to get to an appointment, but first, of course, had to take a picture.

Taken Wednesday, 9/14


Through the door.

Taken Tuesday, 9/13

10th Anniversary

Sunday was the 10th anniversary of September 11th, 2001.

Like all Americans, I remember exactly where I was, and what it felt like to see those towers crumbling.

On Monday morning, we were at my parents' house, walking up the lane to my grandparents' to drop something off.

It was the most gorgeous, crisp fall morning - a lot like 9/11/01, and the sun was filtered through the clouds, landing directly on the stars & stripes flying from my Grandfather's flagpole. It was too pretty not to snap a shot.

Taken Monday, 9/12/11

The Natural

Did Senior Photos for Megan on Sunday - she is just a natural cutie.

Loved her smile.

Taken Sunday, 9/11

Claire, Take 2

We did a session a few weeks ago with Claire, who is 18 months old. Her Mom really wanted a few shots with their 2 dogs for a gift for Claire's Daddy, so we tried again this weekend.

Still editing these, but I like this one so far. What a cute group.

Taken Saturday 9/10

Wild Man

Taken 9/8

If that expression doesn't look just like your Daddy, I don't know what does!

SUPER William!

Taken Wednesday, 9/7


We got to watch Miss Sarah for a bit one morning during her big brother's first day of preschool. You were both complete angels. We LOVE "Sha-sha" around here.

Taken Tuesday 9/6

Monday, September 5, 2011

New toy

Just playing around during William's nap today.

I used to use a large roll of faux floor paper for sessions, but for anything besides newborns, it was kind of a disaster because of course my little subjects move and it was always getting torn and rumpled.

Got a very fun new prop - this mat is the same material as a mouse pad. Can't tear it, it's washable (!) and rolls up for storage. It's big - 5x4 feet. Liking it so far! Took this quickly with no flash on a dark day, so nothing great, but looking forward to using it for sessions soon - seems promising!

Taken Monday, 9/5 (Happy Labor Day!)

Dog days

It's been hot and humid lately. REALLY humid.

Yesterday, Georgia got a good old-fashioned backyard bath with her best buddies, a hose, and dog shampoo.

This one is straight out of the camera (no editing) besides cropping. Love the colors and her little face.

Taken Sunday, 9/4

Just silly

"Helping" by picking up lots of the fallen black walnuts in Nanna & Grandpa's yard. Goofball.

I do!

"We" are becoming very independent. Or, at least - trying very hard to be. We hear lots of "Me too," "No - WILLIAM's!" and "I do!" around here. Here's my big guy in one of his favorite spots - the swinging door between the kitchen and dining room. It must be opened and closed 50 times a day. At least.


Helping hold the ladder for Daddy as he hangs frames in the kitchen. This job was taken VERY seriously :)

Dad's closet

Just love how Esch's ties look, all neat and tidy (and fairly unused now that he is in law school and a student again!).


Just Sundaying in the backyard. Happy girl.

Taken 8/28

Grandpa Time

William watching a tractor pull at the fair. Total little boy heaven.

Taken Saturday 8/27