Monday, March 7, 2011


This post could also be titled "I'm spoiled."

My Father-in-Law is into photography as well, and gave me a 70-200mm from the 1970's that - guess what - WORKS on my DSLR with a converter ring. Cool, right? ...except that it doesn't autofocus, which is a challenge when you're used to the ease of AFing on new lenses.

So the compression and bokeh at 200mm is lovely, of course, but when I snuck out on the porch to play with this baby during W's nap today, I was humbled. It was windy, and the tree branches were all over the place. This was hard!

I actually liked this one even though I clearly missed focus. Reminds me of a watercolor with the blending colors in the background. It looks foggy and misty, yet sunny at the same time.

So, two thoughts. 1 - Props to Jeff and those who took (and continue to take... but what kind of a masochist would CHOOSE to manually focus?!) great shots with lenses like this one. 2 - I'm glad I played around with this lens today. Created something nice and different.

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