Thursday, June 9, 2011

100mm goodness

I can tell you right now that I am going to have to be FORCED to send this lens and (better) camera body that I'm renting back. I am so used to shooting at 50mm that 100 is a huge, huge change. I like how far I can be from William (or the bride and groom this weekend) and still get in close. People are more natural this way than when they have a lens up in their face.

The black & white above was one of the first 10 or so shots I took, so I was getting used to the completely different shooting experience (not only the framing, but the lens alone weighs almost 4 lbs, which may not sound like a lot, but it is! My wrists hurt already).

W had a meltdown (I don't blame him, it was 99 degrees!) so we cut playtime short, but I can't wait to take it back out tomorrow. I am seriously in heaven!

Check out Little Mister's face at the end of our 20 minutes at the park. Boys will be boys!

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